The course will enable the students:

  1. To  understand the importance of personal hygiene in public health.
  2. Key principles of personal hygiene
  3. Affect of the personal hygiene at the health of an individual and social environment. 
  4. The relationship of personal habits and development of diseases.
  5. The issue of eugenics and its effect on the community.
  6.  Role of Personal Hygiene in communicable and non communicable diseases.
  7. Clealiness and its types

Islamic Studies is a 2 credit hour course with 2+0 hour lectures per week. This course is appropriate for students with all backgrounds. The core content up to 16-week course is designed to give knowledge of Islamic Studies and it would help in the purification of thoughts and character building of the students. The course will give an opportunity to encourage students to reflect on religious responses to moral issues.