BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Dear Students,

I warmly welcome to all of you to the NUMS Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The NUMS Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is committed to improving human health and wellbeing through a balanced diet, adequate nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Our team strives to achieve this goal through a wide range of research initiatives focusing on nutritional epidemiology, food technology, nutritional biochemistry, public health, clinical nutrition, and (medical) anthropology of food. We have a faculty of young and dynamic PhD researchers with international research experience and scientific publications. The department offers programs that provide a theoretical and practical framework to comprehend the fundamentals of nutrition for a broader implementation of nutritional strategies at a local, national, and global level. We faculty is committed to preparing our graduates for outstanding professional careers, from planning to applying nutritional strategies at the aforementioned levels. The offered degree programs will play a substantial role to develop a thorough understanding of nutritional science's essentials along with practical training concerning the food, health, and agriculture sectors. This in-depth understating will support studying, analyzing, and knowing the factors that influence nutrition at molecular to the monumental level, perinatal to aging, and micro to macro levels.

Due to current pandemic, we are unable to start on campus classes, however, our faculty is devoted to providing you the best knowledge through online classes. The online classes will be conducted through Moodle. The lectures, presentation, recommended literature, and any other relevant information for each course will be uploaded and available on Moodle. Moreover, we encourage you for timely submission of assignments and quizzes assigned through your session. I hope this journey of learning at NUMS will help you to make this world a better living place.  

Best wishes

Sehar Iqbal

HOD (NUMS Department of Nutrition and Dietetics)