NUMS BS Biological Sciences (NDBS)


Dear Students,


I am pleased to welcome you all to the National University of Medical Sciences, on behalf of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Let me start by introducing the Department to you. We have a team of young and dynamic PhD faculty with extensive research experience in many areas including genetics, microbiology, virology, drug development and design, recombinant DNA technology, cancer biology, bioinformatics, immunotherapeutic, nanomedicine, diagnostics, animal models of disease to name a few. The profile of each faculty member is available on the NUMS website ( After initiation of the BS programs we will be starting MS programs, in the fall semester, in biotechnology, human genetics, microbiology and phytochemistry. The faculty has worked hard to develop curricula that are up-to-date and relevant to the needs of today. At DBS, we believe in fostering an environment that promotes a culture of ethical research, team building and multidisciplinary collaboration. We look forward to making our programs a success through the active participation of you all.

While it unfortunate that we are not able to start our classes at the NUMS campus in Rawalpindi, we are starting our online classes through Moodle, so that your time is not wasted. Initially you may find studying from home through the online system somewhat challenging, but we will be here to guide you and to learn from you as well.  The weekly content of each course will be uploaded for you to follow according to a timetable. You might find that following the given class timing in the timetable will help you get organized. There will be different modalities which different faculty members may use to deliver their content e.g. lectures through video conferencing apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams or PowerPoint presentations which can be downloaded etc. Discussions with your teachers and peers will be possible through a discussion forum on Moodle. Weekly assignments and tests will be conducted, and timely submission of your assignments will be counted as your attendance. Your constructive feedback will be required to help us improve our online systems. 

If you want to succeed you will have to take responsibility for yourselves, set your priorities and spend your time wisely.

All my best wishes,

Aisha Mohyuddin